20 ways to wear statement necklaces

We are going to share 20 ways to wear statement necklaces in today’s blog post.

If you love the look of the statement necklaces, but you are not quite sure how to style them, then you’ve come to the right place :)

There are unlimited ways on how you can wear them because there are tons of styles, colors and designs that can easily allow you to express yourself.

After all, the reason to add jewelry to our outfits is to be able to show our creativity, personality and signature style to the rest of us.

Statement necklaces, fashionista, outfits, gif

One of the best ways to wear them is by taking your basic outfit and turn it into a dressed up trendy look simply by adding a glamorous and bold detailed statement necklace.

Also, statement necklaces are suitable to style with many kinds of necklines because they can bring dimension to your outfit.

1. Multi-layered statement necklaces for a cool chic style

Multi-layered necklaces are great to be worn for casual, trendy or dressy outfits. The layered statement necklace is great to be worn with V-necks and collared striped shirts to balance out the shape of the neckline.

Bold statement necklaces, silver, outfit

Multi-layered statement necklaces are a perfect add-on to your V-necks

Featuring “Legend Boho Statement Necklace

Also, you can try to complement your bold necklace with a leather jacket and some tight ripped jeans for a cool and chic look. Even though, this piece is very bold you can effortlessly style it with your everyday outfits.

Add a bold necklace to your top to balance out your neckline

Add a bold necklace to your top to balance out your neckline

Featuring “Tribal Boho Statement Necklace

2. Add a splash of color to your outfit for a brighter and more cheerful look

It is obvious that for most us the sunny hot days are over, but this doesn’t mean that we have to wear only dark colors so liven up your looks by adding a statement necklace with colorful components to them that will brighten up your day! However, it is better to focus more on settled  tones rather than flashy bright colors.

Statement Necklaces, Blue Necklace

Add a splash of color with a rusty golden statement necklace

Featuring “Beautiful Golden and Crystal Statement Necklace

A statement necklace with a pop of color is great to be worn with more girly outfits and single colored tops of pastel or earthy tones.

Statement necklace with black outfit

Combine your all-black outfit with a contrasting necklace to complete your look

The all-black outfit is always a good idea because it is a classy timeless ensemble that could be styled easily.

Simply add your necklace with colorful elements and you have just created yourself a very distinctive look and a necklace that will be easily noticed.

Golden and Ocean Blue Statement Necklaces

Golden and Ocean Blue Statement Necklaces are so trendy this season

 “Beautiful Golden and Crystal Statement Necklace” and “Pretty Ocean Blue Statement Necklace

This season rusty golden hues for a grounded feeling are very popular as well as the ocean blue tones for a cool, but calming vibes.

3. Monochromatic statement necklace + colorful outfits for a trendy look

Compared to necklaces that have colorful components, the monochromatic statement necklaces are great for colorful outfits.

There are many of us that like to keep their clothes lively all year round, therefore the single colored necklaces are a perfect add-on to your bright and joyful outfits.

Monochromatic Statement Necklace with Blue Outfit

Monochromatic statement necklace are perfect for colorful outfits

For a perfectly balanced appearance you can combine your crystal statement necklaces with any colored outfit of your choice.

Silver Statement Necklaces

Add a sparkling necklace to your everyday outfits to jazz them up

Glamorous Over The Top Statement Necklace” and “Legend Boho Statement Necklace

It is up to you to decide whether you want your statement piece to be vintage-inspired or fully garnished with rhinestones because they will both stand out as you wear your fashionable colored outfit.

4. Sparkling statement necklace + basic outfits for stylish look

The outfits that we put together on a daily basis are nothing really spectacular, but wouldn’t you just love to jazz up your basics by adding a cute, feminine and chic statement necklace?

Statement Necklace in Basic Outfits

Give a twist to your basics by adding a statement necklace

This way you have designed yourself an outfit that could get many compliments and gazes from the people you work with or meet every day.

Statement Necklace added to a sleeveless outfit

Complete your ordinary outfit when you add a beautiful and feminine necklace

Many people doubt the possibility of wearing a statement necklace with rather simple outfits, but you can always select a necklace that is not very bright and can best suit your needs.

You can take a look at this tutorial on how to style statement necklaces with your casual and dressy outfits so it doesn’t look inappropriate or tacky:

5. Work appropriate statement necklaces for professional looks

You are more than welcome to accessorize your working attire by adding a pastel colored statement necklace over your top. It looks very clean and professional because the necklace is not very bold or chunky.

Statement Necklace with Stripe Collared Shirt

Jazz up your working attire with a work appropriate statement necklace

Featuring “Shine Bright Statement Necklace

White or striped collared shirts are very practical and easy to style therefore you can simply add a statement necklace of your choice that goes well with your look and you are set to begin your working day.

Statement Necklace with Stripe Collared Shirt

A settled toned necklace is great for your professional outfits

Featuring “Jasmine Blossom Statement Necklace

However, make sure that you don’t wear thick or bright colored necklaces at work because they are simply not appropriate for a professional environment. It is better to wear a piece that has pastel or neutral colors.

Also, try to stay away from crystal necklaces because they are more suitable for an evening wear or special occasions. If you have a monochromatic top, then you can pair it up with a blazer to add a little color to your clothes and complete your look.

6. A glam necklace & graphic t-shirts for a more dressy and comfortable look

For the street stylers and those of you who go to school, you can try to join together a graphic or printed t-shirt with a statement necklace for an urban dressy and modern look.

Mint Statement Necklace with a tee

Statement mint necklaces and graphic tee are the perfect combo

Featuring “Elegance Statement Necklace In Mint

You can combine your casual wear either with a smaller necklace or a chunkier piece to represent your style. You can easily make your necklace stand out by pairing it up with a simple tee.

Make your t-shirt and necklace best friends by perfectly combining them with each other so they can create a stunning and remarkable urban street style.

Statement Necklace and a Graphic Tee

Make your statement necklace and graphic tee best friends

Featuring “Elegance Statement Necklace In Mint

7. Wear geometrical shaped necklaces for a modern minimalist stylish look

A triangle geometrical shaped necklace like the one shown in the photo below can immediately transform your otherwise basic outfit of the day.

Triangle Geometric Statement Necklace with an Outfit and Canon Camera

Triangle geometric statement necklaces and casual outfits for an elegant style

Featuring “Triangle Geometric Statement Necklace

Topping off your attire with an accessory is the easiest way to make your look distinctive and unique. Take advantage of this tip and try to experiment, which necklace can go best with your style.

Geometric Shaped Necklace

Geometrically shaped necklaces are a great add-on to any outfit to make it more interesting

Featuring “Bold Geometric Triangle Necklace

The clean lines of the geometrically shaped statement necklace can give your look a very stylish and sleek style.

8. A bold crystal necklace to brighten your all-black outfit

If you like your black-on-black outfits for a neat and classy look, but you want to add a jewelry for a change, then what is better than a silver or golden staple necklace that will definitely refresh your usual and lazy all-black style.

Statement Necklace with an All-Black Outfit

Bold crystal statement necklaces and black-on- black outfits go perfect together

There is something mysterious about wearing an all-black outfit, but whether you go to work, school, meetings, during the weekends or special occasions, it is always nice to add a distinctive element to jazz it up a little.

If you like a chic, yet urban style, then add a rhinestone ornamented statement necklace to your outfit and pair it up with a nice black leather jacket.

Statement necklace with rhinestones with all-black outfit, Statement Earring

Add a statement necklace with rhinestones to your all-black outfit for a cool chic look

Featuring “Tranquility Statement Earrings

Give a try to a vintage-inspired necklace to accessorize your all-black outfit

Give a try to a vintage-inspired necklace to accessorize your all-black outfit

Bold Clear Crystals Statement Necklace” and “Be Inspired Vintage Style Statement Necklace

You can combine your casual every day outfit with many different types of statement necklaces. For example, you can get a sparkling detailed necklace or a luxurious looking vintage-inspired necklace for a sophisticated touch.

9. Classic pearl statement necklaces with a modern approach for a sophisticated look

The most favoured all times classic pearl necklace is great for an ultimate high-class sophisticated look.

To add a modern touch to your outfit simply grab your trendy clothes that can best match with your lovely pearl statement necklace and classy pearl earrings and you are all set up!

Pearl Statement Necklace with White Shirt Blazer

Add a pearl statement necklace for a preppy style

Featuring “Pearl Blossom Statement Necklace

Pearls are always great for a well-groomed neat style that will give you the smart and sexy vibe you are looking for.

Classy Statement Pearl Necklace, Pearls, Gif

10. An art deco necklace for a boho chic style

In contrast to the neat and classy look, some of us are very open-minded with artistic hearts, therefore a boho-inspired art deco style necklace can perfectly project your artsy style.

Art Deco Statement Necklace with Boho Black Outfit

Add an art deco statement necklace to your look for a boho chic vibes

See Similar Necklace here.

The must have essential element to achieve the boho chic look is a longer statement necklace or a fringed necklace that is hippie inspired, but at the same time elegant and stylish.

Coined Statement Ncklace for Boho Outfits

A bold coined statement necklace for a boho look

Featuring “Mystery Ancient Coins Bib Necklace”

For a comfortable bohemian wear add some ankle boots and a flowy patterned skirt or a dress of natural earthy colors. If the weather doesn’t permit you, you can always add a knitted sweater to keep warm.

11. Glam statement necklaces for special occasions and night-outs

Heavy statement necklaces are the perfect accessory for special occasions or a night-out because they are a great way to help you escape from the mundane routine of styling your clothes.

They can truly give you a unique and distinctive look because of their daring and chunky size.

Chunky statement Necklaces with White Dress

Chunky statement necklaces are great for night-outs and special occasions

These eye-catching pieces can transform your outfit right away and allow you to step out from your comfort zone by making your outfit very remarkable and showy.

12. Statement necklaces with a collared shirt or a V-neck for a refined look

If you are the type of lady that likes her dressy collared shirts, then you can easily give depth or length to your open neckline by adding a bold statement necklace.

Bold Statement Necklaces with Collared Shirts

Give dimension to your neckline by adding a bold statement necklace

 “Vintage-inspired Flower Queen Statement Necklace” and “Bold Statement Necklace In Silver

Bold Clear Crystals Statement Necklace” and “Daisy Statement Necklace

Depending on the neckline of your top or dress you can choose an appropriate piece of jewelry that will perfectly go with the style.

For example, if you are wearing a V-neck, then it is better to give depth to your top by adding a longer statement necklace to accessorize the naked skin. In contrast, if you have an off the shoulder or a sweetheart neckline it is better to focus on shorter, but chunkier necklaces.

Please feel free to check out this guide on how to wear necklaces according to your neckline.

13. A glitter statement necklace to transform a sporty casual outfit into a chic look

No matter of your style you can always make your ordinary outfits more interesting by adding a statement piece. It is so much fun to add a cool and inspiring piece to your otherwise basic top.

For those of you who are street stylers or like the urban chic look, you can  add a sparkling piece to decorate your casual outfit and layer it up with a beautiful staple piece to make your style more interesting and fashionable.

Clear Statement Necklace with Checkered Shirt, Denim Short and White Shoes

A dazzling bright statement necklace can instantly refresh your basic outfit

Featuring “Dazzling Vintage-Inspired Statement Necklace

Next to your dazzling bright statement necklace, you can throw on your comfy sneakers with a pair of skinny jeans and there you go!

14. A trendy necklace with your “Out of style clothes” for a revamped look

We all have some old clothes that we think are out of style, but have you ever thought of adding a trendy eye-catching statement necklace to revamp your oldies?

You can always pull out of your wardrobe the old clothes and give them a completely improved appearance by adding a stylish and fashionable statement necklace that would be the center of attention in your outfit.

Statement Necklace with Wide Striped Shirt

Trendy necklaces can easily revamp your oldies that sit in the closet

See Similar Necklace here.

By adding only a necklace you have created yourself a refreshed and fashionable style on a budget that you can be excited to wear again!

15. Statement necklaces with bright colors for a polished look

Matching the colors of your accessories or clothing can give your outfit a very cute appearance and they are so fun and easy to style because all you need to do is find a matching in color piece of clothing or other type of accessory like a bag or shoes that can be paired with your colorful statement necklace.

Statement Necklaces matched with different outfits

Match the colors of your necklace to another element in your outfit for a complete ensemble

If you have a favorite pair of shoes or a bag you can always look for a statement necklace to team them up together. It is so effortless to style and chic.

Different Statement Necklaces teamed with an outfit

Matching the colors of two elements in your outfit is so cute and it looks well put together

When you pair the color of your clothes to your accessories looks like a very put together ensemble. Little details like matching your nail polish according to your necklace or bag is a great tip to style your outfits in a very appealing way.

16.A vintage-inspired statement necklace for a retro chic look

Statement Necklace with Patterned Collared Shirt and Blazer

Vintage-inspired necklace and a patterned collared shirt for a posh style

Featuring “Honeybee Statement Necklace

Vintage-inspired necklaces are great for a neat and sophisticated looks that show class.

Joining two types of styles together to create a truly unique stylistic melange of your own is a great way to project your fashionable and artistic side.

Black Dress with a Glamorous Statement Necklace

Accessorize your little black dress with a glamorous statement necklace

Featuring “Vintage Glamour Statement Necklace

For a day time wear it is preferred to combine the vintage-inspired necklace with a patterned or striped buttoned-up collared shirt.

On the other hand, for a night look you can always combine a glamour statement necklace  with a little black dress and you will instantly achieve a Chanel inspired look.

17. Chunky statement necklaces in combination with a dressy outfit for an edgy & fashionable look

Chunky necklaces can give an unexpected twist to your style because they are so remarkable. Your normal outfit in combination with a heavy detailed necklace will convert into an edgy and stylish look.

Don’t be afraid to stand out of the crowd and give a sophisticated and personal touch to your final look.

Statement Necklace with White Dress, Gif

18. A graceful statement necklace for a neat and elegant style

Statement Necklace with Anna Wintour, Gif

There are many designs that can be suitable for the ladies that prefer more discreet statement necklaces for an elegant refined look.

This type of style can almost remind you of the modern British royalty-inspired outfits, but you can easily bring it up to date by adding a trendy statement necklace of neutral colors.

Royalty Looking Outfits accessorized with Statement Necklace

Make your neat and royalty looking outfit more modern and stylish by adding a statement necklace

For example, a modern clean design that doesn’t attract a lot of attention, but enough to complete your outfit is better than a chunky piece with a lot of elements and colors.

Complement such a necklace with a dressy shirt and a vintage-inspired blazer for a perfectly posh style.

Statement Necklace  with Dressy Shirt and Vintage-Inspired Blazer

Add a smaller statement necklace to your dressed up outfit for an elegant style

The vast amount of statement necklaces allows you easily to achieve the style that is right just for you.

19. The comfy statement necklace for an everyday look

When we think of statement necklaces we picture a bold and detailed evening necklace that is only appropriate for certain types of events, which is far from being true because you can easily pick an everyday statement necklace that you can wear whenever you want.

Make sure to select a statement necklaces of faded shades without crystals or any shiny rhinestones.

Statement Necklace with Collared Long Sleeves

Get yourself a statement necklace that you can wear for any occasion

But then again, it all depends on your outfit and personal taste.

For example, if you are wearing a monochrome outfit you can indulge yourself into a more interesting and detailed necklaces. On the other hand, if you have a patterned top or a dress you can select a neat design that will just give a little twist to your outfit.

Statement Necklaces with Monochrome Outfit, Bags

Choose your statement necklace according to your outfits

20.Embellish your outfit with a floral necklace for a feminine style

Floral necklaces are so feminine and fashionable that there is no doubt that your outfit will look just fabulous if you accessorize it with such a pretty necklace.

Floral Statement Necklace, perfume

Add a floral necklace to your outfit for a feminine and stylish look

The nude floral necklace would definitely be the focal point of your style. Try to pair it up with casual tops or a simple dress for a daytime or night-out stylish girly look.

Nude Floral Statement Necklace for a Girly Look

Wear any of your outfits with a nude floral statement necklace for a girly look

Featuring “Nude Floral Embellished Round Necklace

Allow yourself to explore the world of statement necklaces that can change the appearance of your outfit in a truly unique and creative way!

Give a personal touch to every outfit you style and make sure to have fun while you do it!

So there you go, 20 ways to wear statement necklaces, which style tip is your favourite? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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12​ ​ways​ ​to​ ​wear​ ​ear​ ​cuffs

Ear cuffs are one of the latest trend in fashion right now, and today I am going to show you 12 ways to wear ear cuffs to create different looks/styles.

They come in different shapes, themes and designs that can easily represent your style.The ear cuff looks like a bobby pin attached to your ear.

sparkling ear cuff gifs

The most favoured ways to style these beautiful pieces is either by placing them on your helix for a cool hipster casual wear or accessorizing the ear with a bold crystal ear cuff for an astounding style.

A beautiful long piece that can complement your earlobes or helix in a very feminine or extravagant way.

If we go back in the history of fashion we can discover that the ear cuffs were worn by many women since ancient times.

Ear cuffs from ancient times

Ear cuffs were worn by women since ancient times for decorative purposes

They were popular among different cultures around the world in the past to represent their styles, ranks, marital status, age and were seen as an art form on the ear. The alteration of the earrings’ designs has changed a lot since the beginning of their existence to make them more comfortable to wear or simply to respond to the changes in fashion.

kaffa were the first ear cuffs

One of the first ear cuffs were called “kaffa”

However, the main reason to wear earrings throughout history was their decorative function. For example, centuries ago, the ear cuff was called “Kaffa” and it was meant to be put on the outside part of the ear as an embellishing element, which didn’t require women to have pierced ears.

We can see these beautiful adornments coming into fashion every now and then, but for different reasons and styles.

For instance, if we go back in the 50’s and 60’s, we can spot celebrities like Marilyn Monroe wearing ear cuffs, and again they were so favoured and trendy that the person who created the “earrites” in the 1920’s, Marcel Boucher, decided to get legal rights on his designs.

Marylin Monroe with her ear cuff

Marylin Monroe rocking this beautiful ear cuff

Nowadays, we can find various kinds of the ear cuff that respond to today’s fashion. For example, tribal looking pieces are very popular, but we can also accessorize our ears with very elegant or extravagant ornaments.

ear cuffs gifs

So why would you stop at the earlobes when you can decorate all parts of your ear?  The good thing about ear cuffs, or as many people call them ear sweeps or ear pins, you can place them on your ear without piercing your skin, therefore they could be a great alternative for the ladies who don’t have holes in their ears.

Ear cuffs are back and they are so cool so let’s explore the possible ways we can wear them!

1. The majestic ear cuff for an over-the-top fashionable look

This majestic full ear cuff is definitely a statement piece that looks very fashion forward because of its unrealistic size and sublime details. This full ear ornament would give you a very extravagant and edgy look, therefore no matter of your outfit you would still turn some heads.

Silver Ear Cuff

Add a majestic ear cuff for a fashionable look

Featuring “Rock Chic Statement Full Ear Cuff In Silver

This massive show off item is fully decorated with rhinestones and it will sparkle as you walk like an over-the-top fashionista. You’d be impressed to learn about the many ways you can wear the ear cuff.

Bold detailed ear cuff

A bold detailed ear cuff is great for an over-the- top fashion style

Featuring “Rock Chic Statement Full Ear Cuff In Silver

Even though we can select from so many different appearances of these decorative pieces, the full ear cuff is one of the most spectacular ones out in the market because it is an unforgettable staple piece. Whichever way you prefer to style it, either casual, street style or trendy, people would be staring at your daring style.

2. A subtle ear jacket for a discreet and girly look

A cool way to add decoration to your outfit is by embellishing your ear with a subtle, yet very girly looking ear jacket. This is a rather clean design compared to the majestic ear cuff, but definitely an elegant one.

If you are the type of lady that likes to show her inner fashionista, then you are more than welcome to adorn your ear with such a conversation starter.

Subtle ear jacket

A subtle ear jacket is the perfect add-on for a girly look

Featuring “Tree Of Life Crystal Ear Jackets

Try complementing this beautiful crystal piece with a dress or more girly outfits to get an instant romantic style. However, such a fine piece is very easy to style with pretty much any of your favorite clothes.

Silver Earrings and an Ear Jacket

Combine many earrings and an ear jacket for a remarkable style

Prepare yourself to get some compliments because this discreet and cute piece will make your otherwise plain outfit very interesting and recognizable.

After all, don’t forget that a girl should be two things.

12 ways to wear ear cuffs - be classy and fabulous gifs3. Wear helix ear cuff for a fake piercing effect

The helix ear cuff resembles the the back clip earrings, that you are probably familiar with, that need no piercing in order for them to be worn. Well, even though the back clips are out of style right now, the good news is that helix ear cuffs are back and they are simply amazing!

Helix ear cuff

Get the fake piercing effect with a helix ear cuff

The vast amount of ear cuffs permits you to find the exact one that will suit you and your kind of style. If you love the look of decorated ears, but can’t stand the pain of piercings, then I suggest that you get a fake piercing ear cuff that you can place on your helix or any other part of your ear.

Various piercing effect

Endless options to achieve a cool fake piercing effect

Also, you can combine one, two or as many helix ear cuffs as you want for a very hipster multi pack effect. The big variety of designs will allow you to play around and see how you want to style your ear cuff. These pieces can give you a very indie-rock vibe, especially if you pair them with some old school sneakers and tight jeans.

4. Combine different ear cuffs for an authentic look

In contrast to the fake piercing effect, try to combine different types of ear cuffs to get an authentic and unique look, especially if you are one of those people that has already a couple of piercings and it is not afraid of the pain.

Earrings and ear jacket

Different types of earrings and ear cuffs for a distinctive look

This is definitely a style to remember!

Gold ear jacket

Beautiful crystal ear jacket for a feminine style

Featuring “Tree Of Life Crystal Ear Jackets

Arrow stud earrings in Rose Gold

Arrow stud earrings are great to paired with an ear jacket

Featuring “The Sign Curved Arrow Stud Earrings Rose Gold

If you like more girly and chic looks, then you can try to match this beautiful crystal ear jacket with these delicate and feminine full of rhinestones curved arrow stud earrings in a rose gold color. Combining two types of earrings will definitely give you a very original and individual style.

5. Wear crystal ear cuff to add sparkles to your outfit

crystal ear cuffs gifs

If you find your outfits a little boring, then why don’t you put a sparkling ear cuff on your ear? It is so fun to decorate your ears and get a distinctive look just by adding an ear crawler to your ensemble. Having this jewelry on your ear will give your outfit a particular character right away, therefore you don’t need to worry if your clothes are basic.

You can style such pieces with your casual, trendy or night-out clothes depending on your occasion. The Crystal Ice Ear Crawler and the Crystal Wings Ear Crawler are very easy to style and they look so cool from every angle.

Crystal Ice Ear Crawler

Team up your crystal ice ear crawler with other types of earrings for a cool look

Featuring “Crystal Ice Ear Crawler

Crystal Wing Ear Crawler

The crystal wing ear crawler is a great embellishment for a daring chic style

Featuring “Crystal Wings Ear Crawler

The large diversity of shapes and designs that are offered can be perfectly suitable for every event you need to go to. There is no doubt that you will be able to find the right one just for you!

Try rocking these crystal pieces with a leather jacket and ripped jeans for a cool and chic look. Or, you can dress them up with your trendy outfits for a fashionable and glamorous style.

6. Add the double chain ear pin for a fashion catwalk look

Another way to show the world your inner inspiration and desire for fashion is to wear the double chain ear pin for a look that is definitely a conversation piece. There is no doubt that you will be rocking the style if you add such a jewelry to your outfit.

Double chain ear cuffs

For a fashion forward look decorate the ear with a double chain ear cuff

Golden or silver, the doubled chain ear cuff is the one piece you need for your outfit to make it more distinguishable and stylish.

A dazzling fashion piece such as the double chain ear cuff comes in so many variations. You can get a very joyful and fun piece or an extravagant fierce chain that will give your outfit a cool chic vibe.

Double chain ear cuff

The double chain ear cuff is a dazzling fashion piece that can make your outfit very stylish

If you don’t like the bold style of such a statement jewelry, you can get a dainty chain that can delicately dangle as you walk because it is so light and easy to wear.

7. Accessorize the ear with a fringed ear cuff for a seductive look

If you want to style the ear cuff in a more seductive and tempting way, then you can add this beautiful fringed piece to your collection. You can pair this stunner with a simple black dress because the jewelry already compensates with its beautiful feminine detailing.

Fringed ear cuff

For a seductive style accessorize your ear with a fringed ear cuff

The benefit of this piece is that you can wear it without any additional piercings of your skin. If you are trying to achieve the glamorous and chic look, be sure that this golden fringed ear cuff will make it happen.

Don’t you just love the appeal of this long piece that highlights the neck in a very sophisticated way?

8. Delicate ear cuffs for an everyday wear

If you don’t have any special occasions coming up or you are not a fan of the nightlife, then you can wear a delicate clean design such as this asymmetrical ear crawler, an exclusive product by Happiness Boutique, that will simply accentuate the shape of your ear without being too noticeable and daring.

Asymmetrical ear crawler

Add the asymmetrical ear crawler for a very feminine and delicate style

Featuring “Inspiration Asymmetrical Ear Crawlers In Silver

A subtle, yet interesting piece that could be styled with any of your casual outfits. You can wear this type of ear crawler at school, work, to walk around the city or any other event. This is an absolute must have accessory because of its effortless styling. You cannot go wrong with this fine piece.

Delicate ear crawler

Accentuate your ear by adding a delicate, yet interesting ear crawler

9. A bold detailed ear crawler or ear wrap for an opulent style

If you want to add a timeless and unforgettable piece that looks very daring and extravagant to your ensemble you can add an elaborate design like the forget me not type of ear cuff, which is definitely a key accessory that you can’t help, but notice.

Detailed clear ear crawler

A bold detailed ear crawler is hard to miss

A very fascinating ear adornment that you can style with your classy and chic clothes. It is great for night outs or special occasions to give your look a very sophisticated touch.

Try complementing this beauty with rather simple outfits as this enchanting ornament is already enough to make a statement to your style. Regardless of its size, this item is very easy and  comfortable to wear.

10. Asymmetrical ear cuff for a distinctive look

The ear cuffs can give you a distinctive look right away, but not just any ear cuff. The perfect addition, for a fearless trend, to your outfit could be the asymmetrical ear cuff that will project a more dramatic, rebellious and bold allure to your style.

Asymmetrical ear cuff

For an instant transformation of your look add the asymmetrical ear cuff

The beauty of having so many fashion styles is that we can express ourselves through them. Our clothes can speak louder than words therefore we use accessories and clothing to tell the world who we are and what we like or dislike. And, we all like from time to time to show our confidence, courage and unstoppability through fashion.

Asymmetrical ear cuff

The asymmetrical ear cuff is a perfect adornment for a fierce and daring style

The asymmetrical ear cuff is a cool way to show your feelings, interests and personality. You can easily style it for different events.

For example, you can add this unique design to your chic and classy outfits or combine it with your flamboyant style to get a more dramatic look. Create an impression by topping off your look with such an adornment.

Asymmetrical ear cuff

Asymmetrical ear cuff are great for you to show your inner fashionista

Featuring “Asymmetrical Ear Cuff

You can indulge yourself into many shapes and designs of the Asymmetrical Ear Crawler that could make your look a stunner. Due to its elaborated design you don’t need to add any other jewelry to your look therefore it is very easy to style it.

Asymmetrical Ear Crawler

Project your personality through a unique detailed asymmetrical ear crawler

Featuring “Asymmetrical Ear Cuff Earrings

11. Wear an ear cuff for an urban street style

 We all have a certain style that we stick to for years. You can be either classy, punk, goth, chic, rock, business, street style or whatever your fabulous style is. However, if you are a little tired of your style, then go ahead and accessorize yourself with an ear cuff to achieve a rather urban look that will refresh your old ways of dressing up.

Ear cuffs with urban street stylers

The ear cuff is great for urban street stylers

Simply add such a stunning and interesting piece to your outfit and you will see the instant results. You can underline your ear in a way that will transform your whole outfit completely.

It is up to you to choose how to wear the ear cuff because now you know that ear crawlers are not only for the runway fashion shows, but rather for everyone who wishes to give them a try.

Ear cuff that gives a distinguishing look

Make your look more interesting and distinguishable by adding an ear cuff to your look

If you don’t want to get a lot of attention then you can get a clean and delicate design. On the other hand, if you want to make a statement it is better to select a bold and majestic ear cuff.

It all depends on you!

12. Add a feathered ear cuff  for a boho vibe

If you are a fan of the bohemian and hippie vibes you can get an ear cuff that has some feathers to achieve the boho look. You can combine such a piece with some patterned dresses or a crochet halter top.

Also, if you want to show your free spirited style whether for a festival or strolling around the streets while you are on vacation, then you can pair this ear cuff with round glasses, an indian printed tank top and some shorts. Plus, feel free to add some flowers to your messy hair for careless moments!

Feathered ear cuff for a gypsy boho look

For a gypsy boho look add a feathered ear cuff to your outfit

I recommend that you pick up the boho-inspired ear cuff that matches particularly to your style because after all there are so many we can choose from! As for clothing, you can focus more on free and flowy fabrics that will bring the happy times vibe to your look.

The feathered ear cuffs are perfect for the people who like the unconventional lifestyle and have an artistic heart!

Hopefully this was interesting and informative for you! If you got inspired and triggered by these cool pieces of jewelry  you can go in front of the mirror and create yourself a unique design that you can rock on a daily basis or simply to give a refreshed look to your outfits.

happy styling gifs

Happy styling!

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16 ways to wear chokers

Today we are going to share with you 16 ways to wear chokers. The chokers are a huge trend right now, but definitely not one that we have never seen before.

If we go back to the 90’s we can see many celebrities rocking the choker style. There are different types of chokers that could be styled either alone or in a combination with other necklaces.

Choker trend 2016

If I got your attention, feel free to keep reading and you will be able to explore about 16 ways to wear chokers. The good news is that chokers can go from a simplistic style all the way to glam and chic looks that can sparkle on your neck. All I want to say is whatever style you prefer or event you want to attend, there is a choker waiting for you out there.

1. Minimalistic Choker for a delicate look

If you are looking for the everyday choker necklace, then you can go with the minimalistic choker look because it is very delicate, yet it can give your outfit a twist of elegance and uniqueness. The minimalist choker is simple and it can easily be styled with most of your clothes that sit in your wardrobe. Simply throw on a plain top with jeans and add a dainty choker to complete your look. If you are interested in the choker shown in the photo below, feel free to check the ones from Happiness Boutique.

Minimalist choker with silver bar

Accessorize your outfit with a minimalist choker

Featuring “Silver Bar Minimalist Choker

Or, if you like more detailed, but subtle pieces, you can give a try to this beautiful choker necklace by Happiness Boutique that is accessorized with many tiny studs and can delicately shine on your neck.

Minimalist stud choker

Give a try with our more detailed minimalist choker

Featuring “Boho Choker Black

2. The choker with a charm that means something to you

Lucky charm choker

Lucky charm chokers are perfect add on to your outfit

If you like to wear necklaces that you believe can bring you good luck, then you can choose the lucky charm choker. There are so many different varieties and lucky charms you can select from.

Once again, these necklaces are effortlessly styled because of their delicateness. You can express yourself easily by selecting a choker with a talisman that represents your interests and personality.

You can combine this choker with casual or dressed up looks.

funny choker gif

Wear your choker with a charm for casual outfit.

3. The has it all choker for a complete look

Layered choker with pearl pendant

You would ask yourself what that means, but I just want to say that this type of choker has it all. Meaning that you are combining the usual simple choker with a dainty golden necklace attached to it. This is the all-in-one look that will definitely make a statement to your otherwise simple style.

Layering choker in goldFeaturing “Layering Choker

If most of your outfits are basic, you can add this “has-it-all” choker, which is a combination of golden chain with a shiny pendant and a velvety soft string that will perfectly wrap around your neck. Prepare your outfit, grab your all-in-one choker and you are ready to go!

4. A mixture of long necklaces and a choker for a sophisticated look

Layered necklaces with black choker

Chokers are best worn when mix with other necklaces

The mixing up of different types of necklaces could be seen a lot among the fashionistas around the streets. Simply use your imagination and create yourself a unique combination of your long necklaces and one of your chokers. For example, take 1 or 2 of your favorite long necklaces and see if they go well with the choker.

If you have one of those basic black chokers, then definitely you will be able to design a distinctive look. Get some inspiration from the photos on how to mix up your long necklace with a choker.

Black choker with long tassel necklace

Accessorize your outfit with a mix of choker and a long necklace

Featuring “Black And Pink Velvet Choker Set

5. The layering effect mixture for a distinctive look

The second mixing alternative, similar to what we have seen above on how to style a choker, is to pair it up with a layered necklace.

This is the easier version because you don’t have to choose between a couple of necklaces that you have and waste time on wondering, which one would be suitable for your choker.

You can simply buy a layered necklace and match it with your choker to create dimension to your outfit and give it a personal touch.

Black thick choker with layered necklace

Combine your choker with layered necklaces for a complete look

Here are some examples of layered necklaces that could go very well with a choker. Find more like these necklaces from Happiness Boutique.

Gold layered necklace

This layered necklace is a perfect combination for your choker

Featuring “Layered Geometric Necklace

In this photo you have a golden necklace with geometric shapes that looks very elegant and discreet on the neck.

Layered necklace with lucky charms

Great layered necklace for your choker, too!

Featuring “Layered Lucky Charms Necklace in Gold

The above photo displays a layered necklace with circle pendants and in the middle a bar that you can personalize by engraving your initials. How cool is that?! :)

Find more like these necklaces from Happiness Boutique 

6. For festive vibes and bohemian influences – the boho choker

Minimalist boho choker

Wear your choker with bohemian outfits

The boho choker is still very hot right now even though summer is almost over. There will be many more festivals and events next year so don’t worry if you didn’t have the chance to wear the trend this season. Also, here we see how the super cool choker is combined with a mini bohemian dress. Don’t you just love this festive and hippie-inspired look?

Boho choker

Combine your choker with chic bohemian mini dress, too!

If you want your outfit to be an eye-catcher, trendy and at the same time sending out a casual vibe, then go ahead and combine your choker with a cute and chic bohemian dress that can pass on a careless and joyful feeling to your aura.

7. Work appropriate choker for a business look

Black choker

Chokers also go well with business attires

If you are a working lady who is a fan of the chokers don’t worry, because chokers are suitable for professional outfits as well!

The choker is not meant only for the teenagers, street styles or summer vacations.

You can rock the choker to go to work without looking too sexual or trashy. Try to find a sophisticated, yet simple looking choker and throw on your stylish and chic clothes to work.

Don’t hesitate to turn your normal looking clothes into a fashionable podium outfit.

Black choker

Perfect choker for your black business outfit!

8. For glamorous and chic night-outs – the sparkling choker

So far we were focusing on more casual and everyday chokers. However, we can find some very fancy and chic looking chokers that are perfectly suitable for a night-out or a special event.

In this case you can try to find a sparkling choker with some rhinestones or gems to decorate your neck and make a statement to your dressed up outfit.

If you are interested you can always try to make such a glitz and glam choker by yourself.

DIY projects are so fun and permit you to create an exclusive design that you can rock! Simply purchase a glam chain and a simple string to combine them together.

For more information, feel free to watch this tutorial: 

Thick and glam silver choker

Wear your glam chokers with your dressed up outfit.

The chic and glam chokers are definitely a good way for you to show your fashionista side and taste in fashion.

As mentioned before, you can find a ton of different chokers out there that could be paired with your casual or fancy looks. Don’t be reluctant to experiment in front of the mirror and find the best way on how you can rock this type of necklace.

9. Metallic choker for top fashionistas and a diva look

The metallic choker is definitely a “can’t miss it” staple piece that will accessorize your neck in a very modern and delicate way. You will be able to attract people’s attention with such a stunning design. You can easily style them by adding your night-out makeup and chic clothes.

Metallic chokers gif

Accessorize your neck with metallic choker for your chic clothes

If you are interested in such choker necklaces you can check the ones from Happiness Boutique shown in the photo below.

Gold pearl choker

Featuring “Bubble Bliss Pearl Choker Necklace in Gold

Metallic choker

Featuring “Bold Metallic Choker

You can pair your golden choker with longer necklaces if you have a deep décolleté to your outfit. Also, I recommend that you combine a simple, yet elegant dress with the metal choker because the necklace itself can serve as the main detail to complete your look.

Mix and match until you create the on point trendy style for your special event or soirée.

Gold metallic choker

Combine a simple, yet elegant dress with your metallic choker

10. Do you like sexy styles? The sensual choker can make it happen

The choker can be worn in different styles, but let us not forget that it can look very sensual and pleasurable to the eye. If you want to attract your loved one, then go ahead and give your look an arousing touch by adding a choker to your neck.

Gold metallic choker

Blend your attractive and elegant outfit with a choker

As ladies, we like to dress up sexy from time to time to turn some male heads around. If you are tired of the sweat pants, then you can blend together your attractive outfit with a choker to give yourself the look that will be tempting, but at the same time elegant and chic.

On the other hand, you can create an attractive look without dressing up as you are going out. For example, take one of those trendy lace bras and pair it up with a deep V-neck and at the the end give a final touch by adding your choker to get the sensual look.

Layered necklace with black choker

Pair your choker with a trendy lace bra and a deep V-neck blouse

11. The eye-catcher and make a statement choker for a fashionable look

Obviously, having a choker on your neck makes a statement right away, but if you have one of those thick chokers that almost covers most of your neck, in that case you will definitely make a statement.

Wrap choker combined with thick choker

Chokers can be perfectly worn depending on your style.

Thick chokers could be combined either in a casual or dressed up way depending on your situation.

Neck accessories are a great way to make a statement and an effortless way for you to top off your look.

Thick black choker

Accessorize your casual outfit with thick choker

As you can see, they can be worn in unlimited styles and methods or in combination with other chokers or types of necklaces.

12. The illusion of a long neck look

You can combine your choker with a layered necklace, but what about layering a couple of chokers together?

If you layer your chokers you can get the illusion of having a very long and feminine neck. There are chokers that are already sold as layered or you can buy two, three or as many as you like chokers and arrange them beautifully on your neck.

For instance, you can simply accessorize your neck with this half moon layered choker as shown in the photo and get an instant effect of the long ladylike neck.

Half moon layered choker

Featuring “Half Moon Layered Choker

Also, you can layer different types of chokers.Try to put together a golden delicate choker mixed with a simple all black choker.

As long as they look good together you can mix and match chokers of different colors or materials such as faux leather, lace or suede. Then, throw on a plain top and jazz it up with your uniquely created design.

13. Long wrap choker for the nomad gypsy style

Wrap choker

Long wrap choker can be suitable for a deep V-neck blouses or casual top

The gypsy wrap choker is very easy to style and you can play around of how you want to wrap it around your neck.

It can be suitable for a deep V-neck blouses or a casual top if you twist most of the strings and make a bow at the end.

The good thing about this type of choker is its versatility because you can tie it, wrap it, leave it to hang, etc. You can create a variety of looks according to your outfit.

14. The Lace Choker for a feminine look

Just like the lace underwear bra is a top trend this season, the lace choker is also very popular among the fashionistas.

The lace choker looks very feminine on the neck and you can easily style it to create a more girly and chic look.

Simply take one of your favorite tops and pair it up with a single colored lace choker. However, you need to take into consideration that the lace choker is not as versatile as some of the others types of chokers. It is suitable for a cute or stylish outfit rather than a complete casual wear.

White lace choker

Lace Choker is suitable for a cute or stylish outfit

Black or white, the lace choker is a timeless piece that softly embraces your neck and gives you a very ladylike and classy vibe.

Layered choker with black lace

Match your black lace choker with your favorite black top

Featuring “Lace Style Layered Choker

15. The bandana choker for a hipster look

If you don’t have a choker at home – no worries! One of the major comebacks this season is the neck scarf. Look in your closet and try to find your old forgotten bandana from high school or simply take a scarf that could do the job and tah-dah!

Bandana choker with long necklace

Use neck scarf or bandana for your chic outfit as choker substitute!

You can create yourself a truly unique and hip style by making your own choker necklace like a pro and reviving the 90’s fashion. Try to combine your bandana choker with faded high-waisted jeans and a basic t-shirt or tank top.

Bandana choker

Combine your bandana choker with faded high-waisted jeans and a basic t-shirt or tank top

If you like the bandana trend, but not so much the 90’s styles, then take a cute blouse or a buttoned up shirt for a more fashionable and dressed up look that you can wear to work or when you go out with family and friends.

16. Back to basics look – the tattoo choker

If you are a fan of the 90’s fashion or you have watched some TV shows from this period, then most probably you are familiar with the tattoo choker. It is one of the first chokers presented to us in the 90’s.

It is the most basic choker of them all because you simply need to pull it over your head and place it where you want it to be on your neck. The tattoo choker is very easy to style and it can fit any type of lady. However, it is better to be worn with casual everyday outfits.

Tattoo choker

Tattoo Choker is better to be worn with casual everyday outfits

You can easily become the ultimate top representative of the 90’s by rocking this piece on your neck.

Overall, chokers are really a cool trend and they can be styled in so many ways! After reading this post I hope that you can choose one of our 16 ways to wear chokers that best describes and suits you!

beyonce giphy resized

Find your choker and show the world your taste for fashion!

For more how to wear choker style inspiration, please also check out choker street style.

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Top 20 must-have fashion outfits

It is the perfect time to prepare our outfits for the upcoming vacations, special occasions or hangings with family and friends. These are the top 20 must-have fashion outfits for your summer 2016 closet. There are many easy-to-style and fit-all trends that you will love! Let’s begin exploring them.

1. The Off-shoulder                                                        

The off-shoulder trend is not new in the history of fashion, but it is definitely one of the most feminine and sensual trends for this summer. It means being a true lady, yet sexy, since you are revealing your skin, but in a rather unexpected and graceful way.

off-shoulder outfit with delicate necklaces

Accessorize your off-shoulder outfit with delicate necklaces

Personally, it is one of my fave trends for this summer that allows you to enhance your feminine allure. You can easily style the perfect outfit by adding some delicate necklaces. The ones shown in the photos below are from Happiness Boutique – feel free to check them out.


You can experiment as much as you’d like because the off-shoulder is going to stay for the whole summer and if I were you I would hurry up in front of the mirror to see how to rock this style!

delicate necklaces with an off-shoulder outfit

Wear your delicate necklaces with an off-shoulder outfit

2. Ripped or Patchwork Jeans

If you are the creative type that likes pop art and cartoons this summer is the perfect moment for you to indulge into some pop art patchwork jeans. The good part is that you can always grab an old pair of jeans and stick the patches that you want 

Ripped jeans with patches

Ripped jeans with patches

in order to be able to create a unique pair of jeans. The same   goes for the ripped jeans. This outfit is really easy to style by throwing on a plain t-shirt and add some accessories like a long necklace or a set of bracelets.

3. Flatforms                                                                                       

We all know what the platform shoes are, but what are the flatforms?

Flatforms shoes

Flatforms shoes are best paired with ripped jeans, too!

They are the comfortable version of the platforms, which are great and practical because we can be stylish and comfy at the same time!

4. Rompers/Jumpsuits

We’ve seen the rompers before so if you already own one please bring it out of your closet!


Rompers are also ideal as your summer outfit!

Rompers are very sleek and chic outfit that you can wear during the day or night out with friends. They come in so many different patterns, colors and materials therefore you can choose the appropriate one for the occasion.

5. Palazzo pants

As we speak about chic I can’t miss to mention the comeback of the palazzo pants, which are those very loose, elegant and draped pants that are a perfect for the hot summer days and nights.

If you are tired of the skinny pants then don’t be afraid to put on some palazzo pants with high heels. Let your garments be of a flowy cut, the less the fabric touches your skin, the better!

Statement earrings with palazzo pants

Statement earrings combined with palazzo pants and high heels

6. Tassel Earrings

To complete your outfit from above (the palazzo pants) you can add some tassel earrings, which are also very trendy this summer. These earrings really make a conversation piece because they look unusual, yet elegant. If you like the style you can check the ones from Happiness Boutique.

7. Espadrilles

The espadrilles are still very trendy this summer so if you neglected them last year, but repeatedly told yourself “Oh, this outfit is perfect to match with a pair of espadrilles”, then you need to go shopping!


Espadrilles are perfect to wear this summer

These flats are very easy to style with dresses, rompers, jeans and many other pieces of clothing that are on fire this summer.

8. A-line Skirt

It is is all about the A-line skirt, the trend from the 70’s that can fit most of your occasions.

A-line shaped skirt with denim jacket

Wear you A-line shaped skirts that suits your body

There are many A-line shaped skirts out there you just need to find the one that suits your body and responds to your taste. Plus, it is good for all those ladies who want to give the illusion of having long legs.

9. Lace Up Pointed Toe Flats

These pointed lace up flats are huge right now!  They can be combined with anything because you can achieve the casual, but at the same time girly and going-out look so don’t hesitate to purchase one pair.

lace up flats

Wear your pointed lace up flats with your outfits for a casual and girly look

10. Velvet Chokers

The wrap velvet looks simple, but will definitely give your wear a character.

Wrap velvet chokers

Velvet chokers are perfect add-on to your summer outfit, too!

11. Deep V-cuts

The deep cut is great for the summer time because it allows your body to stay airy.

summer outfit with V-cuts

Styling your hair gives a comfy feeling under the sun

Since there is much going on with this top you don’t need to accessorize, which makes it a very easy to style outfit.

12. Denim Dresses

Denim dresses are so cute and girly. It is also one of my favorite trends for this season because I simply throw on my dress with a pair of espadrilles and tah-daah!

denim dress

Take denim dresses as one of your summer outfits!

If you are one of those girls that turns her dressing up into messing up the whole house, then be wiser and wear more dresses.

13. Straw Hats

During the summer we have to protect our skin from the strong UV rays so you can complete your summer outfit by adding a straw hat to your wardrobe.

summer outfit with straw hats

To get a perfect look and prevent the heat of the sun, have a Straw Hats this summer!

The straw or floppy hats are a very practical and cute accessories that make your outfit more interesting and at the same time you stay fresh.

14. Bathing Suits

Well, the bathing suits are not the everyday outfit for the summer, but definitely one that you will need at some point. This summer the trend among the bathing suits is quite strappy.

Bathing Suit / Swim Wear

Bathing Suits are often used at the beach or pool to refresh your body.

15. Kimono

This lightweight kimono can be styled in so many ways, but it is definitely a must have for the summer, especially if you love layering.

Kimono combined with long necklace

Kimono’s are ideal summer outfits, too!

16. Ruffles

Now we can enjoy some feminine ruffles as part of our summer outfits.

Ruffles dress

Have a feminine ruffles as part of our summer outfits

Even though it is just a detail from our clothing, it is enough to make a staple piece and catch people’s eyes. Plus, the flowy blouse allows your body to stay cool.

17. Lace up Bra

If you like deep décolletés then I suggest that you purchase a lace bra and show it off under a patterned or plain collar shirt. It looks sexy, but not in a trashy way.

Lace bra

A lace bra is a perfect inner wear this summer

To top off your outfit you can accessorize with layered or delicate necklaces.

lace up bra with layered necklace

Have a cooler outfit on this lace up bra

Tip: during the very hot summer days it is better to wear a bra without padding because you will escape the stifling heat that could irritate your skin.

18. Collar Shirt

Try to choose loose button up shirts because for once you will be able to pair it up with a nice lace bra or a necklace, and second, you will let your body to feel the summer breeze.

summer outfit

Loose button up shirts are great for summer

19. High Waisted Shorts

The high waisted shorts still have their fame this summer. You can check out these from Happiness Boutique if you like.

Pomom shorts with white crop top

Wear your high waisted shorts paired with your comfortable top

Featuring “Pineapple Please Pom Pom Shorts” and “White Tassel Crop Top

If you are one of those people that is indecisive about what goes well with what, then I recommend this type of outfit because you simply know that you throw on two pieces that are meant for each other.

20. Boho Dresses

Last but not least, the boho inspired dresses are a must. This is the perfect throw on for an effortless summer look.

Boho dress

Boho inspired dresses are a must this summer to feel good!

Again, we can see the tassel detail on this dress.

Overall, there are many interesting styles for this summer so dive in the world of fashion. As you can see many of the styles are intertwined and you can use them in combination. It is better to choose light and pastel colors to stay nice and cooler.

I hope this post was helpful and informative! Enjoy your shopping!        

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15 layered necklaces to wear at the beach

It is finally summer! The unbearable heat has settled in(if you’re lucky) and the smell of the sea, or even the town’s pool is luring you to put on your new bikini and head to the beach.

You need to accessorize, of course. The days when you could just wear a bathing suit and your beach outfit was done are long gone, you need jewellery as well.

If you’re reading this you probably want to know more about the layered trend that is on a rise this season. Even Vogue has predicted the trend will rule this year and in our opinion it will be especially popular at the beach.

We have selected 15 layered necklaces to wear at the beach this summer and we hope you’ll find your match among our selection.

1. Accessorize your bikini suit with pendants and coin layered necklace

gold layered necklace

Team your classic black bikini suit with pendants and coins layered necklace

Let’s start with a classic black bikini suit, you can never go wrong with black after all. Pendants and coins are especially cute when layered and they also serve as an eye catcher by flaring when lit by the sun rays.

Similar necklace can be found on our website.

2. Layered necklace teamed with an oversized white t-shirt

Layered pendant necklace

Wear your layered necklace with an oversized white t-shirt as beach outfit

Salty babes have always been in trend and if you love the look, too, let your hair down, spend the day lying on your favourite beach towel, get some sand between your toes and show off the amazing tan you’ve achieved.

We love seeing an over sized white t-shirts worn as beach dresses and especially if they are accessorized properly – with a layered necklace.

This one in particular is very interesting as it combines different styles into one – as if you can select from your delicate chain selection and put some of the on, this is really an option if carefully curated so that your outfit doesn’t look over accessorized.

If however, you’re looking for a ready version you can check out this lucky trio layered necklace.

3. Pair your layered necklace with white linen dress

Gold layered necklace

Pair your layered necklace with white linen dress for a classic beach look

If you live in a place near the sea, your summer wardrobe probably consists mainly of beach outfits and your jewellery box is full of shell and leather pieces.

We suggest a different approach to the classic beach look – yes the white linen dresses are a must, we agree, but why not instead of the usual shell necklace, you put on a delicate layered necklace and steal all the “wow”s and “ah”s at the mojito bar.

This exact necklace you can buy from us. 

4. Accessorize your romper outfit with layered necklace

Layered necklace with rompers

Accessorize your romper outfit with layered necklaces at the beach

Another interesting outfit suggestion for the beach is the romper. A light coloured soft romper would go perfectly with your beautiful tan.

Feminine and comfortable at the same time, rompers are in trend this summer again.

To make the look more flashy, you can accessorize with a necklace like this one.

5. Long layered necklaces match with beach dresses

Long layered necklaces for beach dress

Long layered necklaces are perfect match for beach dresses

Here we come to the one of the most obvious ways to wear layered necklaces – with a dress!

Boho style is one of the best fashion choices for a day at the beach and a dress like this proves this theory – so beautiful and lightweight!

Layered necklaces can be matched with a metallic tattoo as well, for more free spirited look.

Add a long layered necklace for a complete outfit.

6. Bright coloured bikini with golden layered necklace for a bohemian look

Blue bikini with golden layered necklace

Match your bright coloured bikini with golden layered necklace

Bright coloured bikini and tanned babes go hand in hand, it is known. However, the beach outfit would look somehow incomplete if you forget to wear some accessories.

Boho style bracelets or metallic tattoos can be wonderfully paired with a golden layered necklace.

7. High waisted denim shorts with one piece bathing suit teamed with layered necklaces

Layered necklace

High waist denim shorts with one piece bathing suit goes well with layered necklaces

Our next suggestion for 15 layered necklaces to wear at the beach is rather not so popular or at least it hasn’t always been your first beach outfit choice – denim shorts.

High waist denim shorts can be a perfect match to any colour one piece bathing suit. Paired with the right bangles and necklaces, the whole combo can be suitable even for a weekend look.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match your long and shorter chain necklaces for a layered finish. If you’re looking for a ready-made version, we have a suggestion necklace.

8. Accessorize your wrap dress with layered necklace

Wrap dress with layered necklace

Accessorize your beautiful long wrap dress with layered necklaces

Wow everyone with a beautiful long wrap dress and a straw hat. Walking down the beach looking like a movie star will definitely get you the attention you deserve.

For such glam looks we recommend you wear a lovely layered necklace in rose gold. Make sure it is not too long because the layers of the dress and the necklace may overlap and you will lose on the potential.

9. Wear your turquoise detailed necklace with flowy blouse

Turquoise detailed necklace in white flowy dress

Wear your turquoise detailed necklace with flowy blouse for a great beach outfit

This white outfit gives purity and elegance. You can copy it if you like the simplicity of the colour and at the same time you would like to stress on the necklace.

You can also wear this turquoise detail necklace with a flowy blouse – another great style for the beach.

On top of everything turquoise has always been associated with the colour of the sea water, so what better jewellery for a relaxing day near the sea.

10. Pair your white flowy top with tassel layered necklace

White flowy top with tassel layered necklace

Pair your white flowy top with tassel layered necklace

Really cute and casual outfit for the beach weekends – white flowy top, tassel layered necklace and big platform sandals, what more can a girl want from an outfit.

Okay, maybe a pair of shorts but if you have a longer top there is no problem to wear bikini underneath, it’s for the beach after all.

11. Pair your boho necklace with other pendant necklaces

Opalescent boho necklace

Pair your opalescent boho necklace with other pendant for your swimwear

Don’t be afraid to mix and match, we cannot get tired of saying this. A big part of the fun, being a fashion junkie is the freedom of creativity. There’s a reason why jewellery makers are artists most of all.

We love how our opalescent boho necklace can be paired with another pendant and it creates a mesmerising layered look.

You can be even more brave and try out a different colour stone – marble, pink, blue or even black.

12. Layered necklace combined with tied white t-shirt, big hat and boho sandal

Layered necklace with summer outfit

Layered necklaces are perfect add on to your tied white t-shirt, big hat and boho sandals

This is a truly special outfit, put together with the thought of your boyfriend in mind.

There are the big hat and the boho sandals which will perfectly represent the bohemian free spirited person you are but also the tied white t-shirt that you actually stole from the man in your life. Make it a note more feminine by adding a golden angel wing necklace.

Casual, fun but amazingly beautiful, this look will turn your beach stroll into a catwalk.

13. Variety of layered chains for your classic black bikini

Layered chains with black bikini

The classic black bikini outfit can be worn with a variety of layered chains

They say the smile is the best fashion accessory, we totally agree!

However sometimes we need a bit of more help from our friends the necklaces.

The classic black bikini outfit can be worn with a variety of layered chains each one more and more unique. You can again mix and match for getting the perfect combo.

14. Add a layered necklace to your black beach outfit

Layered necklace with black beach outfit

Add a layered necklace to your black beach outfit

Vanessa has once again chosen an outfit in black – it is always in fashion and one can never go wrong with it.

Add a mixture of triangle and boho stone necklaces and you’re set for a happy day at the beach.

15.  Combine your black dress with aviator shades and golden layered necklace

Layered necklace with summer outfit

Team your short black dress and aviator shades with golden geometric layered necklace

Shannon here, has a lovely suggestion for wearing a short black dress, aviator shades and a perfectly matching all other accessories – golden geometric layered necklace.

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15 ways to style chandelier earrings for your wedding

If you were looking for ways to style chandelier earrings for your wedding, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here at Happiness Boutique, we believe that happiness should be shared and that is why it would mean the world to us if we can help you in preparing for one of the happiest days of your life.

We have carefully curated this list of 15 ways to style chandelier earrings for your wedding in order to be as helpful in giving you different earrings options, as possible.

Wedding season is upon us and many brides-to-be have a lot of choices to make – what type of dress to wear, the venue, the guest list, seating chart, etc. You know, all the essentials.

We thought we might make things a bit easier by giving 15 different answers to the question how to choose what type of chandelier earrings would most suit your wedding style, so you can focus on all other details for your big day.

1. Perfect chandelier earrings for dresses with lace motif

Chandelier earrings for wedding dress

Perfect chandelier earrings for dresses with a lace motif

As we have pointed out on several occasions we love big statement jewellery, that is why our first choice of ways to style chandelier earrings for your wedding is these large earrings.

They are perfect for dresses with a lace motif for their vintage feeling. If you’re planning a modern wedding with a vintage twist, this type of earrings would be perfect for you.

2. Wear your princess earrings with a magnificent flower and lace gown

Chandelier earrings with flower and lace wedding gown

Wear your princess earrings with a magnificent flower and lace gown

Here we see a magnificent flower and lace gown. It looks as if the white flowers are painted to the back of the bride and when combined with a long ribbon, the dress becomes a wonderful celebration of feminine style.

Such a princess dress deserves princess earrings and if you ask me if they ain’t pearls they’d better be big and shiny. Such sparkly earrings are good for dresses that are meant to be worn without other accessories.

3. Pair your chandelier earrings with a chic wedding dress

Chandelier earrings for chic wedding dress

Pair your chandelier earrings with chic wedding dress

Some women choose to go all in on their look and they plan it ever since they were little girls. The hair, the make up, the song that is going to be played during the first dance, every little detail has been planned and replanned for years.

Not many of these grown ups girls would have left such an important detail as the earrings unplanned but if somehow that has happened, they too are more than welcome to go through our list of 15 ways to style chandelier earrings for your wedding.

For these women the more traditional and royal the look, the better. But even if you’re not the Duchess of Cambridge you can still have the perfect wedding by wearing a chic dress and pair it with chandelier earrings for a full regal outfit.

4. Princess dress, perfectly matched with long shiny earring

Wedding dress with chandelier earrings

Princess dress, perfectly matched with long shiny earrings

Yet, another princessy dress, perfectly matched with long shiny earrings and this time with a bracelet as well. Many stylists advise brides-to-be not to over accessorize on their big day but our opinion is that if all the sparkles fit the look, why not go for it.

We have seen all sorts of unusual combinations that actually look great as a whole outfit, isn’t fashion all about that actually, matching chandelier earrings to wedding dresses.

5. Chandelier earrings for lavish but stylish wedding dress

Chandelier earrings for wedding dress

Match your chandelier earrings with lavish but stylish wedding dresses

If you are having an expensive wedding, or at least one that looks expensive, opt for a dress that compliments your forms and leaves place for flashy accessories. We can learn a thing or two from the Italians, they always count on the lavish but stylish dresses and receptions. It is amazing how they can turn any event into big celebration and we truly believe earrings like the Winter Wonderland Chandelier Earrings will help you get the look you desire.

6. Classic neckline and a classic earrings goes well with timeless wedding dress

Chandelier earrings with wedding dress

Classic neckline and a classic earrings goes well with timeless wedding dress

If you usually gravitate towards the classic camp when it comes to wedding styles, here’s a lovely suggestion for you. Classic neckline and Crystal Fern Statement Earrings go hand in hand when it comes to timeless designs.

7. Team your beautiful traditional gown with long clear shiny earrings

Hair goals and chandelier earrings for your wedding

Team your beautiful traditional gown with long clear shiny earrings

Lavish hair and beautiful traditional gowns go with long clear crystal earrings. These vintage-inspired earrings catch the light beautifully and help you shine with your regal light on that special day when it’s you who deserves all the attention and all the glamour in the world.

8. Radiant blue chandelier earrings for your serenity flower wedding dress

Blue chandelier earrings

Try our radiant blue chandelier earrings for your serenity flower wedding dress

(Featuring “Radiant Blue Chandelier Earrings in Silver“)

If you follow the latest colour trends and you want an idea how to use Pantone’s colours of the year in your wedding. They are serenity and rose quartz and they have been the show runners this season with a lot of brides choosing them as the colour of their dress.

We are happy to see that weddings are becoming a place where one can express themselves even with the colour of the dress – something that was considered a no-no some years ago.
We have the perfect wedding earrings for these adventurous brides, pair them with a serenity flower dress and organic inspired details for a wedding day as elegant as you are.

9. Detailed chandelier earrings for your beautiful lacy wedding dress

Lacy wedding dress with chandelier earrings

Match your beautiful lacy wedding dress with bold yet delicate in detail earrings

Wow everyone by matching a beautiful lacy dress with earrings that you can wear not only on your wedding night but on different glam occasions and parties. These bold in design but delicate in detail earrings would make a perfect companion to both your wedding dress and your favourite plain t-shirt.

10. Pair your lavish wedding dress with luscious earring

Wedding dress with chandelier earrings

Pair your lavish wedding dress with luscious earrings

Have you seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Well, there are those dresses, as well, and they are truly amazing and sexy. If you have laid your eyes on such a lavish dress and a party then it’s only natural the jewellery to be luscious, too.

Big chunky earrings would suit this style.

11. Elegant pearl and silver beauties for your special day

Pearl chandelier earrings

Try these chandelier earrings that match your stylish wedding dress

(Featuring “Princess Glam Statement Earrings“)

These chandelier earrings deserve the close-up a hundred percent! That’s why instead of matching the earrings to your dress why not match the dress to your choice of accessories. We really feel these elegant pearl and silver beauties would make your special day even more special.

12. Princess wedding dress with long sparkly earrings

Wedding dress with long sparkly chandelier earrings

Team your princess wedding dress with long sparkly earrings

This type of really cute princess dress can be matched with a long sparkly earrings like the Snow White Statement Earrings for a real fairy tale look. Just make sure you don’t serve apples at the reception.

13. Bold chandelier earrings for casual but chic wedding dress

Chandelier earrings in casual wedding dress

Wear your timeless yet bold earrings with casual but chic wedding dress

There are the townie brides who want to look casual but chic at the same time and who don’t want to spend a fortune on a dress. Some of them prefer the more casual style and the earrings can be the one wedding jewellery that can turn any ordinary white dress into the perfect wedding gown.

Such earrings can match the sparkle in your eyes on that special day.

14. Chandelier earrings for your beach type wedding gown

Chandelier earrings

Perfect pair of earrings for your beach type wedding gown

(Featuring “Expressive Bow Champagne Chandelier Statement Earrings with Large Gemdrops“)

Another idea for matching the dress to the earrings. Although pearls and silver are the obvious choice for your big day, there’s never been a better time to be bold and different. Especially when there are such beautiful options available.

These earrings can be paired with a beach type of wedding gown for more relaxed and casual celebrations.

15. Slim wedding dress paired with slim chandelier earrings

Slim wedding dress with chandelier earrings

Match your stylish slimming wedding dress with a pair of elegant earrings

For the minimalist bride who wants a beautiful dress with no fuss, stylish slimming dresses are the ultimate match. The accessories need to be slim and not too big, too. These elegant earrings will put the finishing touch to this type of silk dresses.


35 ways to wear statement earrings

Statement earrings are probably something you have been admiring but never quite dared to try to incorporate in your outfit. Perhaps, they are part of your everyday look? Or maybe you spend your mornings trying to decide what clothes to match to your chunky showstoppers? Whatever the reason that brought you here, we’re happy to share 35 ways to wear statement earrings and be on top of the trends.

1. Combine your statement earrings with black outfit

Statement earrings with black outfit

Combine your sparkling statement earrings with black outfit

All black outfits always need a pop of colour or sparkle to highlight the look. It can be a pastel coloured handbag, or shoes or even better – bright and shiny earrings.

Get similar Statement Earrings here.

2. Statement Earrings is a perfect add on to a tied chambray shirt and full white midi skirt

Statement Earrings with white white midi skirt

Statement Earrings is a perfect add on to a tied chambray shirt and full white midi skirt

This spring you can look casually smart with a tied chambray shirt, combined with a full white midi skirt and some white accessories. Thanks to Olivia from for this lovely look and for making it perfect with a pair of statement earrings.

3. Statement earrings with black midi skirt and denim jacket

Statement earrings with black midi skirt

Wear your pinkish pair of earrings with black midi skirt and a denim jacket

If you’d rather try on a black midi skirt and denim jacket instead of a shirt, we’ve got another suggestion for you. Ashley from Girl About Town Fashion has created a cute outfit featuring a pinkish pair of earrings as the optical center of the ensemble. You can find similar ones on our website.

4. White linen boho dress with classic turquoise earrings

White linen boho dress with turquoise earrings

Pair your feminine white linen boho dress with these classic turquoise earrings

If you’re looking for a fresh summer outfit you can wear out and about town and feel as if you’re on your way to the beach at the same time, you can pair a feminine white linen boho dress with a oceany pair of statement earrings. Add a small clutch for all your necessities.

5. Statement earrings with white dress added to an oversized boyfriend shirt

Statement earrings with white dress

Wear your statement earrings with a white dress added to an oversized boyfriend shirt

Linen is definitely the fabric for the hot days, if you’re lucky enough to be in a hot and sunny place, you can benefit from having a simple white dress to keep you cool. If you need to make the look more suitable for not so hot summer nights you can add an oversized boyfriend shirt and sneakers for a casual feeling. Don’t lose your glam with a suitable statement earrings.

6. Accessorize your off shoulder blouse and ripped jeans with a statement earrings

Off the shoulder blouse and ripped jeans with statement earrings

Accessorize your off the shoulder blouse and ripped jeans with a statement earrings

Such lovely boho outfit for the perfect day out. Off the shoulder blouse plus a pair of super trendy ripped jeans can make the most comfy and yet stylish look. Three things make it stand out from the crowd, though, large bag, big earrings and big platforms – as they say go big or go home – we completely agree when it comes to this outfit here.

Similar earrings can be found on our website.

7. Match your statement earrings with dark colored jeans and a white lace off-the-shoulder top

Sstatement earrings with dark colored jeans and a white lace off-the-shoulder top

Match your statement earrings with dark colored jeans and a white lace off-the-shoulder top

Dark coloured jeans perfectly contrasting to a white lace off-the-shoulder top, and strappy sandals is the match made in heaven this season! Don’t forget some cute accessories like a pattern clutch and statements earrings.

8. Turquoise earrings is best for black outfits

Turquoise statement earrings with black outfit

Turquoise earrings is best for black outfits

All black outfits are never out of style. Red lips and turquoise earrings can be the things that grab the attention. Street style has never been so vibrant than now when statement jewellery rules the world.

9. Tassel earrings are great accent to your patterned top

Black tassel earrings with patterned top

Tassel earrings can be a great accent to your patterned top

Tassels earrings have always reminded me of the free-spirited gypsy women from the movies. If you want to copy their sexy look, add a patterned top or a scarf and don’t forget to wear your hair down and free.

10. Wear your feminine black dress with statement earrings

Statement earrings with black dress

Wear a perfect statement earrings to your feminine black dress

Feminine, classy, sexy and extremely easy to wear is this outfit. Again, we touch on the all black as a choice of colour but as we know already a pair of appropriate earrings can make miracles. The perfect jewel for the perfect look.

11. Statement earrings for denim on denim with high heels

Statement earrings for denim on denim

Big shiny earrings is great for denim on denim with high heels

Jeans on jeans and high heels. Make this outfit glam with a pair of big shiny earrings

12. Statement earrings paired with highly patterned outfit

Statement earrings with patterned outfit

Wear your statement earrings with highly patterned outfit

Many fashion expert say that if you wear a highly patterned garment you shouldn’t accessorize, some of them say it’s a rule not to wear both statement necklace and earrings. Gosh, aren’t we happy that Julia from Gal Meets Glam proves them all wrong. Be brave in your outfits and you may win big time.

13. Accessorize your silk dress with statement earrings

Gree silk dress with statement earrings

Accessorize your single coloured silk dress with an elegant statement earrings

How to step up your earring game for any occasion – choose them big and sparkly. You can put on a single coloured silk dress on and add a pair for more cheerful look.

Get Similar Earrings here

14. Combine your statement earrings with lacy white tops and black jeans

Statement earrings with lacy white tops and black jeans

Combine your statement earrings with lacy white tops and black jeans

Lacy white tops and black jeans are a nice combination this season. Make the outfit even more noticeable by adding these Aztec Queen Statement Earrings.

15. Pair your statement earrings with an oversized button-downs and leather pants

Oversized button-downs and leather pants with statement earrings

Pair your oversized button-downs and leather pants with an elegant statement earrings

Aren’t these everyone’s three favorite things- oversized button-downs, leather pants and coffee? We’d add these gold and rhinestone earrings to the favourites list.

16. Geometric shapes and comfortable sneakers for classy and elegant statement earrings

Sneakers with statement earrings

Wear your geometric shapes and comfortable sneakers with classy and elegant earrings

Such big fans of the dress! We love geometric shapes and comfortable sneakers as well. Who doesn’t, really? Why not match the outfit with geometric earrings, too?

17. Statement earrings is great for checkered dress

Statement earrings with checkered dress

A statement earrings is great for checkered dress, too!

It’s an outfit from another time, a glamorous and feminine time, for sure. Everything about it just gently whispers high class and maybe Upper east side as well, or this is just my Blair Waldorf reference here. Perfect combination of form and materials, and guess who is the queen of it all? The Statement Earrings, course! Just look at them, ah…beauty.

18. Team your beautiful stripes and pale pink blazer with pink statement earrings

Pink statement earrings pink blazer

A pink statement earrings is a great accent to these beautiful stripes with a pale pink blazer

(Featuring “Pretty in Pink Statement Earrings“)

Aleksandra here, has matched these beautiful stripes with a pale pink blazer – a lovely spring combination, which really goes with her hair colour. The earrings featured are the Pretty in Pink Earrings from Happiness Boutique.

19. Combine your black and white outfit with tassel earrings

Statement earrings with an off shoulder top

Combine your black and white outfit with tassel earrings

(Featuring “Unique Tassel Statement Earrings”)

One can never go wrong with the white and black combo. Add a twist with these Unique Tassel Earrings, you can find on our website, as Angelica has done.

20. Statement earrings added to your sexy little black dress

Blue statement earrings

Add a pair of oceany statement earrings to your sexy little black dress

(Featuring “Drop in the Ocean Statement Earrings“)

The summer season is approaching and sexy little black dresses are the ideal choice for the hot days and nights. Add a pair of these oceany statement earrings to match the beautiful deep blue sea.

21. Wear your statement earrings with crop top paired with denim skirt

Statement earrings with crop tops

Wear your statement earrings with crop tops paired with denim skirt

(Featuring “Bohemian Style Statement Earrings“)

Speaking of summer, crop tops make the perfect way to fight off the heat. This tassel white top, paired with a denim skirt and a pair of Bohemian Statement Earrings are great for city breaks. Thank you Ivana for sharing this combo with us.

22. Statement earrings paired to your simple top and jeans

Statement earrings with simple top

Combine your pastel colors earrings even for your simplest top and a pair of jeans

(Featuring “Pastel Colors Statement Earrings“)

This is one of our favourite examples of how a pair of statement earrings can match even the ordinary grey t-shirt. Throw the simplest top and a pair of jeans and add these pastel colors earrings for undoubtable glam.

23. Match your black and casual outfit with star earrings

Star earrings with black outfit

Accessorize your black and casual outfits with star earrings

(Featuring “Sparkling Lucky Star Ear Jackets“)

Black and casual outfits can be made more interesting by having the perfect makeup and star earrings. Monika here has them both.

24. Black dress and leather jacket combined with delicate sparkling earrings

Sparkly earrings with black outfit

Add a delicate sparkling earrings to your black dresses and leather jackets

(Featuring “Ecstasy Statement Earrings In Vintage Gold“)

Black dresses and leather jackets! It’s almost like Sandy and Danny from Grease are falling in love again. They, just like this cute outfit and the ecstasy earrings are perfect for each other.

25.  Accessorize your lacy dress with ear crawlers

Ear crawlers with black outfit

Ear crawlers can be worn best with lacy dress

(Featuring “Forget Me Not Flower Cluster Ear Crawlers“)

Ear crawlers are not considered punk any more, with the right lacy combination they can be as classy as the pearl earrings.

26. Accessorize your black blazer with geometric earrings

Bblack blazer with geometric statement earrings

Accessorize your smart black blazer with geometric design earrings

(Featuring “Simple And Elegant Gold Layered Necklace“)

Didn’t we mention how we much we love geometry? Yes, we did, but why not emphasize on that! Triangle earrings, layered necklace plus this smart black blazer – we love it all.

Get similar Geometric Earrings here.

27. Marble statement earrings for silk top and ripped jean

Marble statement earrings with silk top and ripped jeans

Wear your marble statement earrings with silk top and ripped jeans

(Featuring “Crystal Frost Statement Earrings with White Marble“)

Silk top, ripped jeans and a pair of one of the hottest marble trendy earrings – summer, get ready!

28. Match your drop pearl earrings with V-neck blouse

Pearl earrings with V-neck blouse

Match your drop pearl earrings with V-neck blouses

(Featuring “Rhinestones and Pearl Statement Earrings“)

V neck blouses are great for long pearl earrings. This combination brings class and style to your look.

29. Wear your statement earrings with summer dress and a leather jacket

Statement earrings wih pink dress

Accessorize your summer dress and a leather jacket with statement earrings

(Featuring “Happiness Statement Earrings“)

Spring outfits are my favourite, they can include summer dresses and autumn jackets, it’s like best of both worlds. This pink lacy dress goes perfectly with a trendy jeans jacket and our elegant statement earrings.

30. Crystal earrings combined with black dress and a leather jacket

Crystal statement earrings with black dress and  leather jacket

Combine your elegant crystal earrings with black dress and a leather jacket

(Featuring “Sea of Crystals Vintage Inspired Clip On Earrings“)

Speaking of jeans jackets, here we can see it combined with a black dress – another trendy combo this season, plus a pair of crystal earrings.

31. Match your statement earrings with a see through shirt and white top

Statement earrings with a see through shirt and white top

Match your statement earrings with a see through shirt and white top

(Featuring “Crystal Frost Statement Earrings with White Marble“)


How to wear marble jewellery – 4 ways to style marble jewellery with your everyday outfits

Marble is actually a metamorphic rock. It has been used centuries ago in ancient Rome and Greece for statues and buildings. Nothing glam about that, although for those times marble has been quite the star.

Fast forward to today and marble has once again climbed up on top of the design trends, this time for jewellery.

Many of you may be wondering how to wear marble jewellery and we’ve decided to suggest 4 ways to style this new and exciting trend.

1. Minimalistic marble studs go with everything

White marble stud earrings

Wear your chic marble stud earrings with casual or smart outfit

(Featuring “Minimalist Style Marble Stud Earrings“)

Casual or smart outfit – doesn’t really matter, whatever you choose it will go perfectly with these very trendy marble stud earrings.

They are small enough to be discreet and at the same time they can be a very important highlight of your look if you wear your hair up.

Marble is not sparkly, that is why a lot of people who prefer more delicate jewellery would fall in love with it.

2. Delicate marble stones with silver

White boho marble stone necklace

Combine your marble stone necklace with with a V-neck top or an unbuttoned shirt

(Featuring “Marble Stone Boho Necklace“)

For the not so ‘in your face’ jewelry lovers among you, there is a subtle solution which on top of that is very popular at the moment.

Marble stone on a light silver chain makes a great delicate necklace, which gives your outfit an exquisite and feminine look. It goes great with a V-neck top or an unbuttoned shirt. It can also be found in black marble for more light coloured outfits.

3. Arm candy for the warm days

White marble cuff bracelet

Accessorise your outfit with this elegant marble cuff bracelet even better

(Featuring “Minimalist Style White Marble Bracelet“)

Spring is here and short sleeves allow us to accessorise even better.

Silver or gold cuff bracelet featuring two finely cut marbles is the perfect eye catcher this season.

It can also be paired with all sorts of other bangles as it is versatile and goes with almost anything. Whites and pastels in combination with the marble will compliment each other, if you’re looking for more contrast then wear a dark coloured blouse or a shirt and you’ve got the perfect look.

4. Make a marble statement

Marble statement necklace

Wear your marble statement necklace with white or bright coloured outfit

(Featuring “Sparkling Marble Statement Necklace“)

We love jewellery but we LOVE statement jewellery! That is why we cannot miss the opportunity to suggest a brave touch to your white or bright coloured outfit.

Solid colours make the marble stone pop out and you will most definitely receive lots of compliments for your impeccable looks.

Statement necklaces with marble elements appeal to both fans of sparkle and shiny jewellery and the ones who’d prefer more earthy designs and subtle glam. And yet, there are such necklaces, like this statement necklace, that combine the best of both worlds.

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