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Stylish cuff bracelets and embellished bangle bracelets make up our range of exquisite bracelets for women. Layer them up, or wear them individually, and they will be the hottest thing on your arm this season.

Whether it's a bold statement bracelet laden with colourful gems, or glistening pearls, or a thin, delicate bracelet, all elegant and subtle, our collection of women's bracelets will offer something for everyone. It doesn't matter if you are a lover of art deco, or baroque stylings; a hopeless romantic or a fan of minimalistic detailing, we will have something that catches your eye and represents your style. Our extensive selection of titanium bracelets are not only well made, unique and attractively designed, they make it easy for you to really personalise your look.

In line with the new trends of the season, we offer bracelets that can be layered up on one arm, bracelets that can be worn together with watches; bracelets dramatic enough to be worn alone, and bracelets that can be matched to necklaces and earrings. There is an array of styles to choose from, and dozens of ways to wear each one.

The cuff bracelets will look stunning under the cuff of a crisp shirt for the office, or with an off-the-shoulder summer blouse. Versatile and modern, it will work effortlessly with an array of things. The pearl statement bracelet is just right to wear on a dinner date. Opulent and timeless, the clusters of pearls would be harmonious with a black cigarette trouser, or a luxurious dress in deep forest green, or plum red.

The vintage style flower inspired bracelet, intricate and extravagant, looks like an heirloom piece of jewellery. Just right to wear on special occasions. There are youthful rose gold bracelets with minimalistic arrows, or triangles, and cone shapes to wear on prom night. And now you don't have to sacrifice your style on that special night to stay practical. We have the solution. When you wear our bracelets with watches, you can still look good in your prom dress and get home in time for curfew! No matter the flavour, we have just the thing to have you covered.

Check out our latest bracelet styles and make sure you are wearing something that sets you apart from the crowd this season.