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Delicate Earrings

The ultimate symbol of understated elegance, our romantic, delicate pearl earrings are a sweet addition to your wardrobe. Stay looking stylish and timeless simply by adding a pair of our delicate stud earrings.

If you are are a fan of traditional romance, flirty dresses and subtle accessorising, then these delicate earrings will be fit perfectly with your sense of style. Smaller in size and paired back in design, these earrings are unpretentious and 100 percent stylish. They are subtle, versatile and will easily fit with any piece in your wardrobe. From a day at the beach, to a lunchtime meeting with your colleagues, to a night out, a pair of small delicate earrings will go with you anywhere.

With minimalistic lines and no-fuss details, our delicate drop earrings are just right for the modern business woman with a sleek, sophisticated look. Or for the girl who likes to keep her sartorial style casual, romantic and sensual, dressed down in oversized silk dresses or in embellished boyfriend jeans, these earrings match that sensibility perfectly.

No matter the design, our collection of delicate earrings retain something romantic about them. They are gentle, sweet and charming.

Featuring emblems like ferns, flowers, and sunbursts, these earrings pay homage to the soft lines of nature. Other earrings with geometric shapes look dainty and elegant. There are multitudes of colours and shapes to choose from. White marble stud earrings; emerald green diamond earrings; red wine coloured teardrop gemstones; delicate flower earrings; thin gold squiggle earrings; glittering rose gold spherical earrings. The list is endless.

So whether you are looking for a new accessory to emphasise your feminine style, or wanting to wear a hint of glamour without overpowering your outfit, a pair of delicate earrings will do the trick. Perfect to team with delicate layered necklaces and thin stacking rings, it's a great way to show off a romantic personality. Wear a pair of delicate earrings and you wear the symbol of the modern lover.