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Delicate Rings

Midi rings, wrap around rings, delicate stacking rings, rings with triangles; with honeycombs, flowers and with hearts. Dive into our exquisite range of elegant, delicate rings and you will instantly fall in love.

So you are a lover of weekend getaways, road trips, glamping or simply indulging in a staycation with a loved one? Maybe you secretly love red roses, and candles at dinner time? Let’s be honest: there is a hopeless romantic in each and every one of us. And here we have the perfect accessory for every modern lover. An understated, simple delicate ring is an easy way to wear your sentimentality on the outside. It is a quick way to show your softer side in your sartorial leanings.

These rings are dainty, elegant, and quiet. They are the symbol for every modern day Juliet, the perfect accessory for that girl who falls in love over and over again. The girl who wears these rings is always open for new experiences. She is sweet, and sassy. Maybe she is addicted to travelling and spending long days exploring new places, and forever adorned with her signature rings.

She is the perfect representation of our collection of small thin delicate rings. Featuring rose gold bands of tiny hearts linked together, dainty flower rings with crystal accents, and optimistic wraparound arrows, they are our heroine’s emblems. Our modern wraparound bands in gold, delicate eternity rings, and chic midi rings are just the right thing to express your softer side.

Popular with young adventurers and urban nomads, a combination of midi rings and knuckle rings are worn scattered all over hands. Rings are mixed and matched, and worn at different heights. You can try wearing several delicate knuckle rings of the same colour, each with it’s own theme. An understated look, but dynamic and completely on trend. It’s young, fresh and modern.

We have dozens of delicate rose gold rings, each charming enough to be worn individually, and simple enough to be stacked up. They are intricate, completely unique, and sure to become a favourite of any darling. So if you are looking for a way to update your look and inject a bit of femininity and gracefulness into your wardrobe, a delicate ring is just the ticket. It may be dainty and thin, but it says bucket loads about your personality, and passionate affections.