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Who doesn’t love that look and feel of spending a day at the beach? Our Summer Ocean/Shell collection captures that refreshed, radiant feeling that comes from soaking up the sun and riding the waves, and lets you can wear it every day.

Mykonos, Barbados, The Maldives, Mauritius, Bali, Seychelles. The list of top, international summer destinations is a long one, and each location has us drooling just thinking about them. We think it’s pretty safe to say everyone loves a summer holiday—waking up with the sun, a full day ahead; the long, hot afternoons spent either exploring secret coves, or discovering a new sunbathing spot; enjoying hazy, romantic sunsets while eating and drinking with friends and family; and the quiet, balmy nights spent recounting tales from the day.

Summer is a time when things get slower, longer and more relaxed. It’s also our favourite time of year. So we decided to pay tribute to the season by putting together a special collection of jewellery from the Happiness Boutique range that captures the spirit of the season.

Our Summer Ocean/Shell category is like a compilation of precious moments collected from a day at the beach, or an assortment of much-loved trinkets gathered from past summer trips. It features real shells like cowries and cockles paired with pearls and rich golden detailing, a colour palette that recalls a warm summer's day. It also features iridescent shell surfaces and ocean motifs, made in high-quality metals so you can take them to the beach with you, to wear while surfing, snorkelling or swimming.

Whether you are looking for jewellery to wear on your actual summer holiday, or just want to reminisce about those sweltering days while stuck at work, this collection will have the right accessory for you. Our Shell Conch Statement Earrings will pair well with a boldly patterned maxi-dress, our Shell Ocean Statement Earrings are perfect to team with floral wrap skirts and barely-there linen tops. And our Shell Pearl Statement Earrings, with their golden-coloured shell pendant, made from nickel and lead-free zinc, and their drop pearl, will look elegantly feminine when worn with a relaxed knit during a cosy dinner for two in Paros.

This is a collection of exclusive pieces designed to help you relive the laid-back glamor of summer, so go ahead and dive in—bring the beach to you.