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Happiness Boutique Quality

At Happiness Boutique, it is our top priority to bring only products of the highest quality to our customers. Products always pass a strict selection process before we make them available in our product catalog. We put ourselves in the customer’s shoes, and only want to offer products that will make our customers happy.

All components of Happiness Boutique’s sample products have undergone strict laboratory tests for lead, nickel and cadmium content. World leading inspection, testing and certification company SGS (Société Generale de Surveillance, based in Switzerland) have conducted these tests, and as you can see below, our products have passed.

We recommend customers to purchase jewellery products only from reliable sources where products have been tested, and only when the lead, nickel, and cadmium content have passed the laboratory tests. Wearing products that are not tested, or have failed to meet the regulatory standards may bring harm to your health and skin.

Quality Report

Compare the quality of our products with cheap low quality products

Low Quality Products
Our Products
Excess glue applied, making it dry all over the product
Glue applied thinly and evenly, dries to be invisible
Rhinestones applied unevenly and asymmetrically
Rhinestones glued evenly spaced with precision
Metal components too thin and easily bent
Thick and sturdy metal used, not easily bent out of shape
Bright yellow shiny chain, looks cheap and of low quality
Heavier high quality chain, with a natural gold color
Beads applied inaccurately, positioned wrongly and twisted
Beads accurately applied, looks perfectly central and correct
Uneven non-smooth surfaces, cheap appearance
Smooth surfaces with high quality finish
Cheap low quality plastic beads
High quality heavier epoxy beads
Weak, misaligned closures - products easily break apart
Strong and sturdy closures - all links closed and not easily pulled apart