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Statement Earrings

Make sure you stay fashion forward with our black statement earrings. Or look the part with a pair of bridal statement earrings for weddings. No matter what, these beautifully bold pieces will keep you ahead of the pack.

Our assortment of big bold statement earrings are confident, impactful and playful. From earrings with small whimsical bejewelled arrows to earrings featuring complex geometric shapes, and earrings with Aztec-inspired colours and patterns, these statement earrings demand attention and will be sure to make a big impact.

Iridescent gems, rainbow coloured stones, metallic edges, and contrasting jewel tones, are just some of the unique and eye catching details of our statement earrings in silver, and our statement earrings in gold. The combination of different precious metals, resins and gems make sure these earrings are unique, memorable and distinctive.

Make sure you stand out from the rest with a pair of large statement earrings for prom. Dramatic and playful, they will add the right amount of flamboyance to your evening attire. The ‘Majestic Tassel Long Earrings’ will sit perfectly amongst tousled waves for a relaxed, romantic look. Or keep your prom look whimsical and light with our unique statement earrings inspired by contemparary art and a sleek modern dress with short hem.

For everyday wear, a pair of statement stud earrings have just the right amount of interesting detailing, but won't overpower your tees or favourite denim. Either inspired by vintage designs, or having some unique feature, they are not your usual stud earrings. Think golden sunburst pattern with large pearl in the centre, or crystal statement earrings with a bejewelled star shape, or a simple flower pattern with a twist.

Not only are there hundreds of dazzling styles and designs to choose from, but the range and scope of colours and tones will impress. From rich red to brilliant blue, forest green and mint green to rose gold statement earrings, these are colours perfect for spring and summer. Not limited to one main colour, the collection also features contrasting tones designed for maximum impact. Beautiful colour combinations are shown off in pink/turquoise/white statement earrings, or with the ever-popular navy/white colour duo.

Even though the earrings differ in size and style they are all immediately impactful with modern designs and sleek styling. Our collection is carefully curated making sure each pair you select is a unique design, made from the best materials. It's never been simpler to buy statement earrings online and these pieces will be sure to bring out your inner Glamazon.