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Y Necklaces

Layered or single strand, with charms or without, these Y necklaces are effortless to wear and will make sure your outfit stays on point.

Typically, a Y necklace is very similar to a lariat necklace. They often feature one or two delicate charms or bejewelled pendants on fine chains, one sitting higher up than the other, anywhere between collarbone height and mid to low chest. And true to their name, the tail end of the Y necklace hangs vertically down, sitting on the chest in a Y shape. But unlike those pendants on a lariat necklace, these sit at fixed points, their height unable to be moved or altered.

Again, like their lariat necklace cousins, Y Necklaces also know how to bring the glamour. They’re also just the thing to polish off a bold neckline (or to brighten up a minimal one) and add the right amount of sparkle to an outfit with overdoing it. This collection of Y necklaces that we’ve bought together will show you just that.

From delicate and feminine necklaces made from thin chains and tiny metallic beads to modern pieces with geometric pendants to unique necklaces with antique-inspired coin medallions, this collection has a variety of styles. Whether you are wanting a necklace to team with a billowy, romantic dress, a sophisticated and fitted pantsuit, or just to wear with your favorite boxy tee, there’s a Y necklace to suit.

These pieces are great to wear on their own, to complement your chosen neckline (high or low, both will look just as good with these necklaces), or if you prefer a relaxed, messy-cool look, they are also suitable for layering together with other thin necklaces.

How you style your Y necklace is up to you—the choices are only limited by your imagination. So start browsing our collection of Y necklaces and start dreaming about you will wear yours!